hfl_driver  0.0.20
ROS driver for Continental's HFL110 3D Flash Lidar
Continental's HFL110 ROS Driver

This package was designed to be a Robotic Operating System (ROS) driver for Continental's 3D Flash Lidar products.

Supported platforms/releases:

Platform ROS Release
Ubuntu 16.04 Bionic ROS Kinetic
Ubuntu 18.04 Bionic ROS Melodic
Ubuntu 20.04 Bionic ROS Noetic

License: BSD Two Clause License

Please review the source code documentation for more details on how the project is structured.


Install like any other ROS package:

sudo apt install ros-<ros-distro>-hfl-driver

Note: there may be a delay from when new code is available in this repository to when it will become available via apt.

Install from source

First, make sure your system is supported and already has ROS installed (see table above)

Go ahead and clone this repository into your catkin_ws.

# url
git clone https://github.com/continental/hfl_driver.git
# ssh
git clone git@github.com:continental/hfl_driver.git

Read up on catkin_ws by following this tutorial.

From your catkin_ws directory, use rosdep to install dependencies rosdep install hfl_driver:

rosdep install hfl_driver

Within your catkin_ws directory, go ahead and compile the code:

# with tests
catkin_make run_tests

After a successful compile, add the new HFL ROS packages to your environment:

echo "source <path/to/your/catkin_ws>/devel/setup.bash" >> ~/.bashrc
source ~/.bashrc

In two separate terminals, run the following commands.

Terminal 1:


Terminal 2:

roslaunch hfl_driver hfl110dcu.launch

Parameters for hfl_driver launch file

Parameter Description Default Values
camera_model HFL Model to launch hfl110dcu
camera_version HFL Firmware version v1
camera_ip_address HFL IP address (IPv4)
frame_data_port HFL PCA Port 57410
computer_ip_address Computer IPv4 Address

TIP: check a launch files arguments before calling roslaunch to confirm you are passing the correct parameters.

TIP: If you cannot connect to the sensor, use wireshark or another network tool to see if you are receiving packets.

Be sure to check the documentation website for more information.

CPP static code analysis

ROS also comes with static code analysis support, therefore in order to run it for the hfl_driver package, type:

catkin_make run_tests roslint_hfl_driver

This will output the errors and warnings on console. If more info is required see this.


Many have contributed to this project beyond just the people listed here. Thank you to those who have answered any questions, emails or supported the project in other ways. Without you none of this would have been possible.

  • Gerardo Bravo
  • Evan Flynn