udp_com  1.1.1
Provides a flexible ROS driver for working with UDP interfaces
UDP Communication ROS CI ROS Buildfarm

This package was designed as a generic package to assist with interfacing ROS with the UDP transport layer. It provides ROS Services for creating sockets, sending and receiving UDP data.

Supported platforms/releases:

Platform ROS Release
Ubuntu 16.04 Bionic ROS Kinetic
Ubuntu 18.04 Bionic ROS Melodic
Ubuntu 20.04 Bionic ROS Noetic


Make sure you have one of the above ROS distributions installed on your system.

Install like any other ROS package:

sudo apt-get install ros-<your-distro>-udp-com

Getting Started

There are two ways of utlizing this package:

  • using the provided launch file and launching from the command line
    • roslaunch udp_com udp_com.launch
  • integrating into a custom project via source code

In either case, the udp_com package provides ROS services for interfacing with the UDP transport layer:

  • create_socket_service: creates a UDP socket and creates an instance to receive/send data
  • send_service: creates a ROS service to send data to a specific socket

Please review the source code documentation for more details on how the project is structured.

From source

For anyone already familiar with ROS, please see how this package is utilized and implemented in the hfl_driver package.

First, make sure your using the targeted platform and releases listed above.

Go ahead and clone this repo into your catkin_ws:

git clone https://github.com/continental/udp_com.git

Next, from your catkin_ws directory compile the source code:


After successful compilation source your newly generated workspace:

source /path/to/catkin_ws/devel/setup.bash

And now you should be able to run the udp_com launch file:

roslaunch udp_com udp_com.launch

Future work

We are currently working towards open-sourcing a ROS2 version of this driver with the same functionality. Star or watch this repo to stay updated on future releases.