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const char* rcv_buf     = nullptr;
int         rcv_buf_len = 0;
long long   rcv_time    = 0;
int         timeout     = 0;
int ret = sub_receive(subscriber_handle, &rcv_buf, &rcv_buf_len, &rcv_time, timeout);
if(rcv_buf_len > 0)
  // finally free the allocated memory
const char* mon_buf_     = NULL;
int         mon_buf_len_ = 0;
mon_get_monitoring(subscriber_handle, &mon_buf_, &mon_buf_len_);
if(mon_buf_len_ > 0)
  // finally free the allocated memory
/* ========================= eCAL LICENSE =================================
 * Copyright (C) 2016 - 2019 Continental Corporation
 * Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
 * you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
 * You may obtain a copy of the License at
 * Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
 * distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
 * See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
 * limitations under the License.
 * ========================= eCAL LICENSE =================================


#include <ecal/ecalc.h>

/*  common                                                               */
ECAL_API const char* ecal_getversion();

ECAL_API const char* ecal_getdate();

ECAL_API int ecal_initialize(int argc_, char **argv_, const char* unit_name_);

ECAL_API int ecal_finalize();

ECAL_API void ecal_set_process_state(const int severity_, const int level_, const char* info_);

ECAL_API bool ecal_ok();

ECAL_API void ecal_free_mem(void* mem_);

ECAL_API void ecal_sleep_ms(const long time_ms_);

ECAL_API void ecal_shutdown_process_uname(const char* unit_name_);

ECAL_API void ecal_shutdown_process_id(const int process_id_);

ECAL_API void ecal_shutdown_processes();

ECAL_API void ecal_shutdown_core();

ECAL_API void ecal_enable_loopback(const int state_);

ECAL_API bool ecal_get_type_name(const char* topic_name_, const char** topic_type_, int* topic_type_len_);

ECAL_API bool ecal_get_description(const char* topic_name_, const char** topic_desc_, int* topic_desc_len_);

/*  logging                                                              */
ECAL_API void log_setlevel(const int level_);

ECAL_API void log_setcoretime(const double time_);

ECAL_API void log_message(const char* message_);

/*  publisher                                                            */
ECAL_API ECAL_HANDLE pub_create(const char* topic_name_, const char* topic_type_);

ECAL_API bool pub_destroy(ECAL_HANDLE handle_);

ECAL_API bool pub_set_description(ECAL_HANDLE handle_, const char* topic_desc_, const int topic_desc_length_);

ECAL_API bool pub_set_qos(ECAL_HANDLE handle_, struct SWriterQOSC qos_);

ECAL_API bool pub_get_qos(ECAL_HANDLE handle_, struct SWriterQOSC* qos_);

ECAL_API bool pub_set_layer_mode(ECAL_HANDLE handle_, const int layer_, const int mode_);

ECAL_API bool pub_set_max_bandwidth_udp(ECAL_HANDLE handle_, long bandwidth_);

ECAL_API int pub_send(ECAL_HANDLE handle_, const char* payload_, const int length_, const long long time_);

ECAL_API bool pub_add_event_callback(ECAL_HANDLE handle_, enum eCAL_Publisher_Event type_, const PubEventCallbackCT callback_, void* par_);

ECAL_API bool pub_rem_event_callback(ECAL_HANDLE handle_, enum eCAL_Publisher_Event type_);

/*  subscriber                                                           */
ECAL_API ECAL_HANDLE sub_create(const char* topic_name_, const char* topic_type_);

ECAL_API bool sub_destroy(ECAL_HANDLE handle_);

ECAL_API bool sub_set_qos(ECAL_HANDLE handle_, struct SReaderQOSC qos_);

ECAL_API bool sub_get_qos(ECAL_HANDLE handle_, struct SReaderQOSC* qos_);

ECAL_API int sub_receive(ECAL_HANDLE handle_, const char** rcv_buf_, int* rcv_buf_len_, long long* rcv_time_, const int timeout_);

ECAL_API bool sub_add_receive_callback(ECAL_HANDLE handle_, const ReceiveCallbackCT callback_, void* par_);

ECAL_API bool sub_rem_receive_callback(ECAL_HANDLE handle_);

ECAL_API bool sub_add_event_callback(ECAL_HANDLE handle_, enum eCAL_Subscriber_Event type_, const SubEventCallbackCT callback_, void* par_);

ECAL_API bool sub_rem_event_callback(ECAL_HANDLE handle_, enum eCAL_Subscriber_Event type_);

ECAL_API bool sub_set_timeout(ECAL_HANDLE handle_, int timeout_);

/*  dyn_json_subscriber                                                  */
ECAL_API ECAL_HANDLE dyn_json_sub_create(const char* topic_name_);

ECAL_API bool dyn_json_sub_destroy(ECAL_HANDLE handle_);

ECAL_API bool dyn_json_sub_add_receive_callback(ECAL_HANDLE handle_, const ReceiveCallbackCT callback_, void* par_);

ECAL_API bool dyn_json_sub_rem_receive_callback(ECAL_HANDLE handle_);

/* TODO: deal with this later */
//ECAL_API bool dyn_json_sub_add_event_callback(ECAL_HANDLE handle_, enum eCAL_Subscriber_Event type_, const EventCallbackCT callback_, void* par_);
//ECAL_API bool dyn_json_sub_rem_event_callback(ECAL_HANDLE handle_, enum eCAL_Subscriber_Event type_);
//ECAL_API bool dyn_json_sub_set_timeout(ECAL_HANDLE handle_, int timeout_);

/*  service                                                              */
ECAL_API ECAL_HANDLE server_create(const char* service_name_);

ECAL_API bool server_destroy(ECAL_HANDLE handle_);

ECAL_API bool server_add_method_callback(ECAL_HANDLE handle_, const char* method_name_, const char* req_type_, const char* resp_type_, const MethodCallbackCT callback_, void* par_);

ECAL_API bool server_rem_method_callback(ECAL_HANDLE handle_, const char* method_name_);

ECAL_API ECAL_HANDLE client_create(const char* service_name_);

ECAL_API bool client_destroy(ECAL_HANDLE handle_);

ECAL_API bool client_set_hostname(ECAL_HANDLE handle_, const char* host_name_);

ECAL_API bool client_call_method(ECAL_HANDLE handle_, const char* method_name_, const char* request_, const int request_len_);

/* TODO: deal with this later */
//ECAL_API client_add_response_callback
//ECAL_API client_rem_response_callback

/*  monitoring                                                           */
ECAL_API int mon_initialize();

ECAL_API int mon_finalize();

ECAL_API int mon_set_excl_filter(const char* filter_);

ECAL_API int mon_set_incl_filter(const char* filter_);

ECAL_API int mon_set_filter_state(const bool state_);

ECAL_API int mon_get_monitoring(const char** mon_buf_, int* mon_buf_len_);

ECAL_API int          mon_get_logging(const char** log_buf_, int* log_buf_len_);